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Environment Articles
Sharing Zero: Subaru of Indiana Helps Companies Work Toward Zero-landfill Status
Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc., the first zero-landfill automobile manufacturing plant in the U.S., has helped 800+ companies work toward zero-landfill status.

Summer 2015
The Outdoor Gourmet: A Fancy Freeze-Dried Feast
With a little inventiveness, dining under the stars can feel like a feast, rather than a duty.

Summer 2015
Partner Profile – Making a Difference, but Leaving No Trace
Danielle Rowland and Roland Mott are Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers who live out of an XV Crosstrek Hybrid, camping more than 250 days a year as their job takes them from coast to coast.

Spring 2015
In the Community: Shaver’s Creek – Falcons, Eagles, Owls, Snakes, and a Subaru Outback
Located near Petersburg, Pennsylvania, Subaru partner Shaver’s Creek is a community resource and field laboratory that offers hands-on experiences to visitors.

Spring 2015
Touring: The Clearest Way into the Universe – Muir Woods National Monument and Sequoia National Park
In Muir Woods and Sequoia National Park, you will find trees up to 250 feet tall, dating back 800 years, and five of the world’s largest.

Fall 2014
Subaru Life: Retailer Spotlight – Project Oxygen, Mark Miller Subaru
When air quality in Utah’s Provo, Salt Lake, and Logan areas tested at unhealthy levels, Mark Miller Subaru took action.

Fall 2014
Subaru Life: In the Community – Solid Ground, Helping to Build a Better Environment
Solid Ground organization helps the surrounding community build skills to overcome poverty, while providing access to fresh food.

Fall 2014
Subaru Life: Partner Profile – Hilary Baar, Direct Marketing Director at the National Park Foundation
Hilary Baar loves her job. “Not only do I get to help support the Parks, but I also get to hear how people love them,” she said.

Fall 2014

Goliaths from Another Age: Coast Redwoods
The giant coast redwoods call a thin strip of land from central California to Oregon home. Here the climate creates the ideal environment for these trees to grow impossibly tall.

Fall 2014
In the Community: Minnesota’s Great River Greening
In the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, 900 at-risk and minority youths are learning to become environmental stewards who help to protect the future of the land.

First Drive: 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid – Big Impression, Small Footprint
Freelancer Jennifer Fischer writes about adventures in the 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid testing on all terrains – including off-road, inclines, and loose gravel sections.

Subaru: Driving Green
Subaru has a long-established reputation as one of the “greenest of the green” vehicle manufacturers. It has managed to create vehicles one might call “eco-performers,” offering finely tuned versatility, efficiency, and longevity without compromise.

Spring 2014
Greener Greens
As environmental responsibility and sustainability become more important than ever, golf courses are poised to play a huge role. The sport has made significant progress concerning water, vegetation, and wildlife conservation.

Spring 2014
11 Things You Should Know About Rare Earth Metals
Rare earth elements are important – many of our high-tech products cannot function without them. Find most of them at the bottom of the table – 15 lanthanides plus scandium and yttrium.

Spring 2014
Subaru Life: In  the Community – Sound Experience, Education on Deck of the Adventuress
An environmentally friendly and historical schooner serves to educate, inspire, and empower youths to care about the waterways. A Subaru grant helps fund the programs.

Spring 2014
Share the Love: National Park Foundation – A Passion for National Parks
As part of Share the Love, Subaru will donate to the National Park Foundation. The National Park Foundation will use the donations to enrich and support our country’s more than 400 national parks.

Growing Neighborhoods: Subaru Partner Greensgrow
This Subaru partner revitalizes communities through the practice of sustainable entrepreneurial urban agriculture.

Fall 2013
Retailer Spotlight: Brandon Tomes Subaru
Brandon Tomes Subaru has deep roots in the McKinney, Texas, area and promotes environmental efforts at their dealership and in the community.

Fall 2013
Subaru Life: Partner Profile – Mary Seton Corboy
Creating Greensgrow Farms from a dilapidated lot, Corboy helps reclaim communities through urban agriculture.

Fall 2013
Subaru Life: In the Community – Colorado River Watch
Currently, 55 schools participate in collecting data and a Subaru grant provides scholarships to help train educators.

Fall 2013

Cleaning Up: Subaru Partners and Renewal – United By Blue
Subaru apparel partner United By Blue is helping to renew the planet by removing a pound of trash from oceans and waterways for every product it sells.

Summer 2013
Subaru Life: Partner Profile – Brian Linton
Founder of United By Blue, which supplies apparel to fund water cleanups to preserve waterways.

Summer 2013
It’s What Makes a Subaru, a Subaru: A Green Vehicle
Subaru makes PZEV-certified vehicles, which reflects the companys long-standing commitment to safeguarding the environment.

Spring 2013
Online Exclusive In the Community: Perkins Center for the Arts
With a grant from Subaru of America Foundation, rain gardens were installed at two schools. An artist worked with each school to build the garden and create the artwork.

Summer 2012
Online Exclusive In the Community: Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center
The old-growth forest had been mined until 1992. Since 1996, Opal Creek has focused on education about the land with workshops for students, families, and adults.

Spring 2012
Subaru Partners
Subaru Facebook Fans Share the Love; Subaru Trek Mountain Bike Team

Winter 2012
Garden Warfare?
Writer Trish Riley takes a look at guerrilla gardening, which is an evolution of activism among artists, horticulturalists, social reformers, and foodies who react against concrete jungles by helping blighted lands return to a semblance of Eden.

In the Community: Children’s Nature Institute
SOA Foundation funding helps children understand and explore nature through the Outreach Discovery Program.

Summer 2011
A Reflection on Cinema Verde
Cinema Verde is an environmental film and arts festival that highlights environmental issues and presents solutions to help move society toward a healthier future.

In the Community: The Keystone Center
Through funding from Subaru of America Foundation, the Keystone Center is hosting a Youth Policy Summit to help to educate future leaders in policy issues.

Spring 2011
Greening our Rooftops
Freelance writer Trish Riley explains what green rooftops are and tells how they help to create a more sustainable world.

Winter 2011
In the community Online Exclusive: Saddler’s Woods Conservation Association
Saddler's Woods was founded to help save and preserve a 25-acre, old growth fragment area in New Jersey. It is dedicated to education, restoration, and research.

Fall 2010
Subaru News
Subaru vehicle awards and accolades; Subaru of Indiana Automotive presents environmental awards; Subaru/ASE Master Automobile Technician of the Year; Subaru sponsors Philadelphia International Flower Show.

Summer 2010
Midwest City Mom in the Wilderness
Writer Jennifer Fischer joins a group of journalists for the Subaru Responsible Recreation Excursion Camping Event in Grand Teton National Park. Before her trip, the closest she’d ever come to camping was buying trail mix!

Spring 2010
In the Community: Conserve Wildlife Foundation New Jersey
To help generate awareness of the endangered species in New Jersey, the Species on the Edge Art & Essay Contest was created.

Fall 2011