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Photography Articles

Subaru Life: Letters from Readers
Fall in Ohio, #43, Having an Impact, and Starting a Great Lifestyle

Fall 2014
Touring: Marleigh’s Summer Adventure
After her grandparents passed away, 21-year-old Marleigh Mathis grieved in an unconventional way. She took the Outback they left her on an adventure of a lifetime. Her journey spanned 5,800 miles and changed her life.

Summer 2014
Subaru Life: Letters from Readers
Subaru Cars of the Future; When I Grow Up; Subaru in the Movies; From Cyclops to Forester; Love Affair with Subaru; and Art Car.

Summer 2014
Touring: Memphis – Guitars, Blues, Barbecue, and Beale Street
The Memphis heritage begins downtown, where it all began. Blues and other types of music can be heard on Beale Street and beyond.

Winter 2014
Sculpting the Ephemeral
Art of the truly fleeting kind seems to speak to something particular in our nature as humans.

Winter 2014
Touring: In Search of “White Gold” – Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Bold adventure in Jackson Hole knows no season – it’s not just for skiing in winter, but holds something epic for every time of year.

Fall 2013
Touring: Lafitte’s Louisiana
These wetlands, bayous, bays, and coves are where Jean Lafitte headquartered his smuggling and privateering operations in the early 1800s.

Fall 2013
Touring: 8,500-Mile Road Trip
Craig Keener logged 8,544 total miles, including more than 20 points of interest, 14 states, two Canadian provinces, and one Canadian territory.

Summer 2013
Road Trips: Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes
Writer Jan Thomas explores Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve – you’d swear you were in the Sahara!

Spring 2013
Birding: Part 4 – Oregon
Along the Oregon coast, Shore Acres State Park, Sunset Bay State Park, Cape Arago, and Simpson Reed are excellent locations for spending a night beside the ocean and viewing wildlife.

Road Trips: Oregon’s Adventure Coast
Oregon’s southern Pacific Coast is rife with dramatic vistas, sand dunes, towering cliffs, jagged rocks, and a backdrop of mountain ranges. Marcie J. Bushnell takes us there.

Winter 2013
Birding: Part 3 – Autumn
With the change of seasons, the mornings are quiet. The summer chorus has been reduced to a few year-round voices and a handful of procrastinating migrants.

Spotlight: David Johnson - Everyone has a Story
Nearly 30 years ago, Johnson poked randomly through a local telephone book, called the numbers, interviewed the folks who answered, and ran their stories in a newspaper column.

Fall 2012
Birding: Part 2 – Fuzz Ball in the Grass
Diana Hierlmeier discovers a recently fledged chipping sparrow in her yard, which has been designated a certified wildlife habitat.

Birding: Part 1 – The Beginning
Diana Hierlmeier began her lifelong love affair with the outdoors at 8 months old. Her first book purchase, “Birds of North America," began the birding hobby. When she wasn’t out looking for birds, she read about them.

Road Trips: The Fun Roads in the Southern Half of Missouri
Peppered with lakes formed by dammed rivers, numerous state parks, and national forests, the area is wonderful to travel.

Summer 2012
Road Trips: Cleveland – A City Reborn
Highlights of a modern city with world-class entertainment and education, medical, religious, and arts and cultural institutions.

Spring 2012
Owner Spotlight: Martin Lisius – The Storm Chaser
Storm chaser Martin Lisius is the founder of Tempest Tours, Inc., and hosts storm chasing expeditions for non-chasers.

Spring 2012
Travel Photography Tips
Photographer and Drive magazine contributor Dennis Coello gives tips on how to use personal cameras to capture exactly what is desired in travel photography.

Road Trips: Glaciers: Going, Going, Gone
Travel writer Trish Riley takes us to Montana’s "Big Sky Country" and the magnificent Glacier National Park.

Winter 2012
Your Turn – Letters From Readers
Subaru Express; Back Roads; Oregon High; Refuge for a Goose; Impulsive; Northern Winter; Cheer

Winter 2012
Road Trips: The I-90 Corridor of South Dakota – Part Three
I-90 runs across the southern part of South Dakota; travelers can experience all that’s historic, adventuresome, and much more, including Crazy Horse complex, Sturgis Rally, and Wall Drug.

Road Trips: The I-90 Corridor of South Dakota – Part Two
Travelers can experience all that’s historic and intriguing, including Black Hills, Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and Badlands.

Road Trips: Vermont Foliage Driving Tours
Travel and outdoors writer Sky Barsch Gleiner guides you to the best places to view autumn foliage.

Fall 2011
Road Trips: The Interstate 90 Corridor of South Dakota – Part One
I-90 runs across the southern part of South Dakota; travelers can experience all that’s historic, adventuresome, fun to drive, intriguing, and much more about vacationing in America.

Owner Spotlight: Dennis Coello
Writer, photographer, history buff, and Subaru owner Dennis Coello shares observations on his decades of experience as a freelancer.

Fall 2011
Road Trips: Wide Open Nevada
Race-ready buggies that are the same as ones raced in the Baja off-road races can be rented to enjoy a few days exploring the beautiful Nevada scenery.

Summer 2011
Road Trips: Death Valley – Land of Extremes
Freelance writer Jonah Flicker tours Death Valley in California, which proves to be a land of harsh extremes.

Winter 2011
A Home for Road Trips
Drive and Drive Performance staff have visited or crossed most of the 48 contiguous states. Find some of their favorite images aimed at inspiring readers to post their own travels.

Fall 2010
Road Trips: The Blue Ridge Parkway – One Long and Winding Road
One of the greatest Great American Road Trips – the Blue Ridge Parkway – is 75 years old in September 2010. Writer Randy Johnson sings its praises.

Fall 2010
America's Byways – Great Trips at Your Fingertips
The National Scenic Byways Program has “… a distinctive collection of American roads, their stories and treasured places.” Writer Dennis Coello shows how to take advantage of them.

Summer 2010
Road Trips: Pennsylvania's Covered Bridges
Wooden covered bridges have existed in America for more than 200 years. Most are found in rural settings on back roads. Such idyllic places lure many to visit the 200-plus bridges in Pennsylvania.

Spring 2010
Road Trips: Winter Trip to Yosemite
Abraham Lincoln first preserved Yosemite as a park. Ansel Adams immortalized its scenic wonder with his photography. Writer Lisa Petrillo shows what the Sierra Nevada winter offers.

Winter 2010
Road Trips:
The Mystique of Route 66
Old Route 66 breathes the charm of a time gone by. What started as a convenient bridge between east and west turned into a reason for going.

Spring 2007
Palomar Mountain – Highway to the Stars
The highways of Southern California’s Palomar Mountain lead to one of the world’s most powerful telescopes and other delights.

Winter 2006
Honoring America’s First Transcontinental Highway
Lincoln Highway began in New York City, and ended in San Francisco, spanning the continental United States in 3,389 miles.

Summer 2005
Your Turn – Letters From Readers
Farming in a Subaru; Earning the Badge; New Badge of Ownership Icons; Subaru Woodie; Turkey; A Wing in Spirit

Fall 2011