On www.drive.subaru.com you’ll find regularly updated, exclusive content that includes expansion of articles, image galleries, videos, a place for your own road trips, and even feature articles exclusive to the website.


For years, the Drive website has been the place to find extensions of the magazine’s articles (called Online Exclusives) and a place to read and post reader Road Trips. Early in 2011, we began reconstructing the website with an updated design in order to give readers:

  • More feature articles of interest to Subaru owners
  • Videos and image galleries that supplement the magazine’s features
  • Journal postings – weekly entries by the editors are blog-like observations and information of interest to Subaru owners
  • Share with others via Facebook and Twitter


We have retained the heart of the original website, which is the content of the Subaru owner magazine Drive.


Even though we’re continuing construction to provide additional features, we wanted to show you what is available now.





Home Page


A. In the blue band, link to the Current Issue, Journal entries, lifestyle Interests, and Downloads

B. The carousel cycles through new additions to the website, which you can reach by clicking the image  

C. Reader Favorites take you to articles that are often accessed by readers 

D. What’s New lists the most recent additions to the website

E. Journal presents titles of the most recent entries

F. In This Issue: 
    – The current issue of Drive
    – Archives of previous issues
    – A Subscriptions page for DriveDrive Performance enthusiast magazine, and Subaru Insider e-newsletter    

    – A link that enables you to Contact Us

G. Road Trips leads to a page through which you can describe and post photographs of your own Road Trips and read about those that others have taken

H. Links to Subaru partners and important Subaru information are across the bottom



Website-Only Feature Articles


Organic Gardening


Frequent Drive contributor Trish Riley examines the possibilities posed by vacant land found in cities.


Other examples:



Videos and Image Galleries


Ray’s Indoor MTB Park – Milwaukee


The Winter 2010 issue of Drive explored Ray Petro’s Subaru-sponsored Indoor Mountain Bike Park in Cleveland. When the Drive staff discovered that Petro had put together another park down the street from magazine headquarters in Milwaukee, we had to take a look. This video is a result.


Other examples:



Journal Entries


Between the Clouds


Part of the celebration of the Mt. Washington Auto Road’s 150th anniversary involved the Drive staff spending five days at the mountain in June. The Journal provided an opportunity to recount the visit.


Other examples:




If your interests lie in the realms of motorsports and performance (if your needs are for speed!), check out the website of Drive's sister publication Drive Performance.


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