Emily Batty went to London ready for a medal. The last two years had been dedicated to getting there. Her training was spot on. A fall on the rock section of the course prior or the event left her with a broken collarbone and the possibility of not being able to compete in the Olympics. Cleared by doctors, she was on the start line for the race. She again suffered a fall during the race, but finished courageously in 24th. Read more about her Road to the Olympics in Summer 2012 Drive.


Sam Schultz had everything going for him prior to his Olympic debut. A top-10 World Cup finish, a National Championship, and a hometown Pro XCT win sent him to London in style. All of this prepared him for the ride of his life. Starting 23rd out of 47, Schultz moved up to 18th on the first lap. A mistake on lap two in the triple threat section had Schultz going too fast into the rocks, which normally would result in a rider being launched over his handlebars. He managed to shift his weight back enough to avoid going over, but hit the back of the saddle and bent it upright. He was able to pound it back to level as he rode on, but that lap put him back to 21st. What followed was “a bit of nausea but that was quickly overcome by adrenaline. All-in-all I was really lucky,” recalled Shultz. That adrenaline and determination led him to finish in 15th place, helping the U.S. men’s team to its best Olympic finish in history. Read about Schultz’s training regimen and what it takes to be a professional athlete from the Summer 2011 Drive issue.


Click to view Olympic gallery.Learn more about how the race lineup was factored here.

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