The Subaru logo on the sign in front of the Subaru Robin America building in Lake Zurich, Illinois, occasionally causes visitors to wonder why there are no vehicles for sale. Although Subaru Robin has no Impreza, Legacy, Outback, Forester, or Tribeca vehicles to sell, it has plenty of Subaru technology!


Meet Subaru Robin, which is part of the Fuji Heavy Industry Ltd. Industrial Products Company. Subaru Robin engines can be found powering equipment on construction sites and farms as well as in residential garages, lawns, and gardens in 90 countries around the world. Altogether, Subaru Robin produced more than 1.2 million Subaru-branded engines for these purposes in 2010, making Subaru the fourth largest engine manufacturer in the world.


The owners of one such engine sent Drive magazine this e-mail with the subject, “Our Snow Machines”:

“My wife and I have owned five Subaru vehicles since 1994. Our most current are a 2009 Forester and a 2008 Impreza.


“After record snowfall in the Pittsburgh area last winter, we were in the market for a new snowblower to use this year. While shopping at our local home improvement store (The Home Depot), much to our surprise, we found a snowblower made by Ariens with a Subaru engine.


“That was good enough for us. Hopefully it will prove to be as dependable as our Subaru cars. Let it snow!


“David Wilk, Pittsburgh, PA”




The confidence that this Subaru owner has in the performance of the Subaru Robin engine-powered snowblower is well placed. The correlation of product quality between the Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) divisions is high.



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