Subaru Express: How to Transport 40 Chickens


The versatility of my Subaru never ceases to amaze me.


I recently had to move my 40 chickens from their snowy home at 3,000 feet to our new place in the valley. Early one morning, I lined the back with tarps and sheets and put down some hay. Everybody happily loaded up and settled in, and off we went for the hour drive to our new place.


I could tell everyone enjoyed the ride by the gentle clucking and occasional crow as they watched the view fly by. I’m sure we were quite a sight.


~ Stefanie Stewart, Wilton, CA




Refuge for a Goose


I was at a national wildlife refuge when this goose approached my Subaru. When I tried to drive away, the goose would fly next to my vehicle.


I got out and took a few pictures.


~ Christine Haines, Spokane, WA


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