Subaru Outback Mountain Biking and Discovery Adventure


On October 30, 2010 – one day before the Geological Society of America™ national convention at the Colorado Convention Center – between 20 and 30 participants will take part in the Subaru Outback Mountain Biking and Discovery Adventure. The adventure will take place in the Matthews/Winters Park area west of Denver, Colorado.


Participants will travel to the park via Subaru Outback, then divide into two groups. One group will ride trails on Trek mountain bikes after a brief review of biking skills, and the other group will hike Dinosaur Ridge. The groups will switch between hiking and biking at midday.


Incorporated into the day's events will be instruction about the area's geology.




Subaru of America attempts to connect with current and prospective Subaru customers by reaching them through events, activities, and causes that fuel their passions. Sponsorships provide consumers with opportunities to interact with the Subaru brand and Subaru vehicles in a way that isn't possible through mass mediums.


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