In 2008, we encountered the then-new 2009 Forester in Laguna Beach, California, and on Santa Catalina Island, which we
  discovered is mostly a conservation area.

One of the wonderful aspects of working on Subaru Drive and Drive Performance magazines is that we get to enjoy so many different places and meet great people all around the country. During the last few years, we have visited or crossed most of the 48 contiguous states. Sometimes, we have the chance to dally, explore, and take photographs.


We've gathered together some of our favorite images here for a purpose. That is to inspire and encourage you to post your travels on Drive magazine's Road Trips site. There, you can share your favorite or most interesting trip and upload as many as three photographs for others to see.


Once reviewed (usually within 24 hours), your road trip will be posted online. Go to the Web site and see what others have sent to Drive, then submit your road trip!


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