Subaru trims the Legacy lineup for 2012 while maintaining its thoughtful engineering, high level of equipment, superb driving dynamics, and value.


2012 Subaru Legacy
  • Legacy 2.5i
  • Legacy 2.5i Premium
  • Legacy 2.5i Limited
  • Legacy 2.5GT Limited
  • Legacy 3.6R
  • Legacy 3.6R Premium
  • Legacy 3.6R Limited

Legacy steadily contributes to the continued increases in Subaru sales along with Outback. The four-door sedan offers a full range of features tailored by model to provide economic, comfortable, and/or spirited driving at affordable prices.



What’s New for 2012


In general, the 2012 Legacy has only minor tweaks based on customer response and to help meet new ratings by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The most significant change is that Legacy Premium models have new standard and optional audio systems, and Limited models have a new standard system. These are comparable to the systems in the 2012 Outback models. Refer to the Outback article for details.



The Legacy Value Proposition 


As always, the Subaru Legacy represents great value for anyone interested in a mid-size sedan. Within its range of models, Legacy delivers excellent fuel economy (2.5i), WRX-like turbocharged performance (2.5GT), and luxury (3.6R). In addition, comparable pricing is more reasonable than for most competitors.


Adding to its value is the standard safety and handling feature found in every Subaru – Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.


More Information


At the introduction of the current-generation Legacy, we printed this: Find more about the 2012 model at


Read about our driving experiences with the Legacy 2.5GT in the Fall 2009 Drive issue and the Legacy 3.6R in the Spring 2010 Drive issue.  


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