by Ethan Peavey, Draper, UT


Growing up in the Rockies, my family has owned many Subaru vehicles. When I started a family of my own, my wife and I wanted a safe, reliable car with AWD. Subaru fit the bill except the capacity. We had just had our second child and knew we would outgrow our Subi Legacy.


At that time the 7-Passenger Tribeca came out. We jumped and bought the 2008 Limited from Morehart Murphy Subaru in Durango, Colorado. Now with four children we have put more than 100K on this 2008 beauty. In the process, we made it our own, and the kids renamed it TUKOQ (no clue what that means). Sorry, Subaru, for people asking if there is a new model out there somewhere.


We love our Subi and the miles we have shared. We may start outgrowing this one when our children get bigger.


Subaru recommends the use of Genuine Subaru Accessories (subaru.com/parts-service/index.html). Some of the items pictured are not recommended Genuine Subaru Parts and Accessories.



Gesture of Appreciation


by Bill Schultz, Missoula, Montana


We appreciate the support Subaru provides to Subaru Trek Mountain Bike Team and return the favor with the purchase of 2011 and 2012 Outbacks.


The email above is from Bill Schultz, father of Sam Schultz (cover of Summer 2011 Drive), who rides for Subaru Trek Mountain Bike Team and rode for Team USA in the 2012 Olympics.


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