Lost and Found


by Betsy Lane, Skokie, IL


I bought my 2008 Outback because it was the right size for our 92-pound German shepherd. Miss Biscuit – an AKC-certified tracking dog – and I go tracking most weekends, and she does a great job of finding “lost” articles and following scent trails through woods and corporate parks alike.


As we drive to and from tracking sites, Biscuit especially enjoys the moonroof, which makes catching a cool breeze easy even without going to all the trouble of sticking one’s head out the window (which is unsafe, anyway). The Outback is the perfect size for me, the pup, and all of our gear. We have 61,000+ miles on the Outback so far, and look forward to another 150K or so of shared adventures!




by Susan at Ruffwear



In Bend, Oregon, there are two things that are frequent in number and well loved: Subarus and dogs.


Maybe that’s why here at Ruffwear Performance Dog Gear, so many of us count on our Subarus to ferry us and our four-legged friends to our favorite outdoor recreation spots. Whether we’re heading up to Mount Bachelor for a day of snow riding in the Cascades or loading up kayaks to run Meadow Camp on the Upper Deschutes, our Subarus are part of the adventure.


We love saying the words “load up” as much as our dogs love hearing them.


Dogspeed and thanks, Subaru!


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