ShoeBox Recycling, Greensgrow Farms, and Subaru Collaborate to Recycle Shoes


In July 2012, Subaru partner Greensgrow Farms in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, introduced a shoe-recycling partnership with ShoeBox Recycling. Subaru of America collaborated by placing ShoeBox Recycling bins at its display during the 2012 WXPN XPoNential Music Festival Presented by Subaru July 20-22. Festival attendees were encouraged to responsibly discard gently used shoes for reuse by others. Shoes collected by ShoeBox Recycling are channeled to those in need of affordable footwear.


For more information about ShoeBox Recycling, go to The Internet home for Greensgrow Farms is


Subaru Gears up for Share the Love Campaign – With Your Help!



During August 2012, all Subaru owners were invited to help choose two of the five organizations to take part in the annual Subaru Share the Love charity event. This is the fifth year that Subaru will make donations to selected charities for every vehicle it sells toward the end of the year.


Since the program’s inception four years ago, Share the Love has donated $20 million to charitable causes. Between November 21, 2012, and January 2, 2013, Subaru will donate $250 for every new Subaru vehicle sold or leased to one of five charities chosen by customers, up to $5 million.


To see the two new charities in addition to the ASPCA®, Make-A-Wish Foundation®, and Meals On Wheels Association of America®, go to


Subaru and its Partners


Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) connects with current and prospective Subaru customers by reaching them through events, activities, and causes that fuel their passions. Sponsorships provide consumers with opportunities to interact with the Subaru brand and Subaru vehicles in a personalized way that isn’t possible through mass media.


For more information about these and other SOA partners, go to There you’ll find winter partners such as Master the Mountain, Crested Butte Mountain Resort, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and Subaru Freeskiing World Tour.

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