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Your Turn: Letters from Readers

Hot Time in California


In October of 2007, the wildfires hit San Diego, California, so hard we had to get out of town. While most were panicking, my boyfriend and I decided to road trip it up the coast of California.


We stopped for a night of camping in Pismo Beach and Big Sur before meeting friends in San Francisco. Our friends in San Diego complained of the smoky air and jealousy of our get-up-and-go attitudes. But that's why you own a Subaru in the first place -- so you can pack up the car and go wherever you want, whenever you want.


~ Sarah Robinson, San Diego, CA




Neighborhood Subarubies


A friend and I recently purchased (two) 2010 Subaru vehicles after I spent one month test-driving almost every make of SUV in my area. I fell in love with the Outback, and, after purchasing it, I gathered several neighborhood Subaru owners together for a photo. They are all science teachers or professors (except me) who really believe in your product because of your green efficiency in making a Subaru.


We call the photo "Neighborhood Subarubies."


~ Patie Ball, Maumee, OH



Crazy Yorkie



One Saturday morning, while running errands after taking my wife to work, I stopped at my dry cleaner's shop. I normally make a habit of turning off and locking my Subaru Forester at every errand stop. This time, I didn't.


When I completed my drop-off and pickup, I walked back out to my Forester, discovering my five-year-old Yorkshire terrier had stepped on the central lock button, trapping herself inside the running Forester (with emergency brake set, of course).


I decided to call the Subaru Roadside Assistance (SRA) number on one of my Forester's windows. After a few minutes (being asked a few safety-related questions and being connected to someone who could send help), my crazy Yorkie stepped on one of the window buttons, opening a back window.


I couldn't help but share this story with my fellow Subaru drivers.


~ Alan Gustafson (Subaru driver since 1994), Moline, IL 

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