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Lane Courtesy


When driving on multilane roads, leave the left lane for vehicles that are passing. That’s not only courteous driving, but it’s the law in many states.


There are a number of benefits to keeping the left lane open. Traffic flows more smoothly, and there will be less congestion. As a result, accidents are less likely to happen. Also, you’ll reach your destination more quickly.


When a lane is closed ahead, safely merge to the open lanes as soon as possible to help traffic maintain its flow. If traffic is stopped, merge one vehicle at a time where the lane closes.


Be sure to signal your intentions before changing lanes.




Distracted Driving – Revisited


The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has recommended a nationwide ban on the use of cellphones and text messaging while driving. Cellphones are a factor in a significant percentage of distracted-driving accidents, many of which involve fatalities.


Find more on the NTSB website.


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