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Tapping two Worlds


By day, Bryan Kolesar is a product manager for a banking and financial information software firm in the Philadelphia area. It’s a buttoned-down job that he said is “… full of analytical thinking.”


Kolesar conjures his creative side after work in his column on craft beers for The Washington Times Communities called “After Hours at the Brew Lounge.”


Kolesar dedicates most of his off time to learning about microbrews. A typical week involves going out several nights a week; visiting breweries, restaurants, and bars; and attending beer-tasting events. As for weekends, he admitted, “My wife would say we spend our time in an unbalanced way. We mostly do something that involves beer because I am always looking for content.”


And every night he spends hours writing. In addition to his column, Kolesar also blogs about brews for a popular blog called “The Brew Lounge,” which is aimed, as he said, at “… fellow beer geeks.”


Kolesar’s beer life is tempered by his love of running, specifically long-distance running. “People laugh and say, ‘Oh, you run so you can drink beer.’ That’s a funny line, but the truth is that to train for marathons, you have to quit drinking long before any race,” he said. “I keep on top of what’s going on in the beer world, but I don’t partake during training.”


In his pursuit of a balanced life, he has discovered that he has tapped into the best of two worlds. “I am with leaders of the financial industry for my day job, and, in my off time, I get to exercise my own creative side writing about inspiring people making craft beers,” he said. “That makes for a pretty well-rounded life.”


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