Aimee Olexy


“We need the farmers, and they need us. I love being part of the food community where we support one another,” said Aimee Olexy, owner of Talula’s Table in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, which is in the vanguard of a new generation of farm to table restaurants.


Talula’s Table, a gourmet market with a barista and deli counter by day, transforms at night into one of America’s best-loved restaurants. Guests must book a year in advance for one of the 12 seats at the table to sample the seasonal menus, which include dishes like sweet corn soup served with paddlefish caviar, potato, celeriac, and crème fraiche. Olexy also owns Talula’s Garden, a hip Philadelphia eatery that’s celebrated for its seasonal menus.


The roots of both restaurants go back to Olexy’s childhood, which was spent in Chester County, Pennsylvania – an impossibly pretty stretch of land that is flanked by Philadelphia on one side and Lancaster County, replete with Amish farms, on the other.


“My family ate very seasonally, very simply, partly from our garden, partly from the small butcher in the town, partly from Amish farms nearby,” she said. “It wasn’t so much a conscious choice as it was something we did because we could.”



Talula’s Table – chicken enchiladas 




Aimee Olexy shares her recipe for a spring classic – asparagus with a twist.




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