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Subaru PZEV models reflect the long-standing commitment Subaru has to safeguarding the environment that so many of its customers demand. These vehicles have the same fuel (regular unleaded gasoline) and maintenance requirements as non-PZEV vehicles, so there’s nothing unusual about their care.


In summary, PZEV vehicles allow drivers to reduce their impact 
on the environment without sacrificing performance by delivering 
a win-win combination of advantages: no alternative fuels 
required, safety, a relatively low cost, performance, and immediate environmental benefits. Visit your local Subaru retailer for 
more information.



PZEV Certification Availability for 2013 Subaru Models
Vehicle Model
Impreza All
XV Crosstrek All
Forester All non-turbocharged
Legacy All 4-cylinder models
Outback All 4-cylinder models
To order a PZEV-certified Subaru in a state that does not require certification, contact your Subaru retailer. Available in all 50 states.
States that Require PZEV-Certified Engines
PZEV vehicles are required to be sold in the following states that have adopted the CARB Low Emission Vehicle (LEV2) standards:
California1 New York1
Connecticut1 Oregon
Delaware2 Pennsylvania
Maine1 Rhode Island1
Maryland1 Vermont1
Massachusetts1 Washington
New Jersey1  

1 Only these states will be eligible for the 15 years/150,000 miles emission warranty. Refer to your Warranty and Maintenance Booklet.

2 Beginning in model year 2014.


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