Check the oil dipstick periodically to make sure the oil level is within proper range, which keeps the turbocharger properly lubricated and cooled. More frequent level checks are necessary especially when utilizing engine braking, because this increases the engine’s demand for lubrication.


Important: Allowing the engine oil level to drop by more than one quart may cause oil starvation, oil pump cavitation, and bearing damage. Over time, the cumulative effect will cause turbocharger and engine failure.




Carbon deposits produced by a turbocharged engine can accumulate at the bottom of the oil pan. When changing the oil, always drain the oil through the oil drain plug hole on the oil pan. A vacuum draining device could leave carbon deposits in the oil pan and potentially contaminate the new oil.




Turbocharged Subaru engines are designed to operate on premium unleaded gasoline – 91-octane AKI or higher. This is essential for maximizing performance and is required for preventing possible engine damage.





Engine modifications such as, but not limited to, adding a boost pressure controller, using a non-genuine aftermarket air intake or exhaust system, changing the air bypass valve, “chipping,” etc., may negatively affect the warranty. Your Subaru dealer offers a line of Subaru Performance Tuning™ parts, which are designed and tested to Subaru standards and do not void the warranty.




With proper care as outlined above and in Subaru owner’s and service manuals, new Subaru vehicles will provide owners many years of driving enjoyment.


For more information on Turbocharged models, go to www.subaru.com.



Driving Tips


1. Do not rev the engine or accelerate past half throttle immediately after start-up. Oil requires time to heat up for full flow, and high-rpm driving with a cold engine can damage the turbocharger.


2. After highway driving or high-load driving, allow the engine to cool by idling for at least 30 seconds before turning off the ignition.


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