Living the High Life


Three-time Subaru owner Jacinda Nettik Brown and her husband, Kevin, do “everything Colorado.” According to Jacinda, “Most weekends we climb, but we also enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, biking, and running.”


They share an active lifestyle and an unbridled passion for the outdoors with many Subaru owners. Jacinda has scaled rock formations since she was a kid. “My hometown of Billings, Montana, is lined with sandstone cliffs to the north, so access to climbing was right out my front door,” she said.


Beyond the immense exhilaration upon reaching the top – and the great views – climbing delivers both a mental and physical fix. “It is problem solving and athletics all in one,” Jacinda explained. “It keeps you in great shape, and there is a mental component to figuring out the next move.”


Last year Jacinda and Kevin exchanged marriage vows at the Chapel at Red Rocks, surrounded by the brilliant and majestic sandstone outcrops of Red Rocks Park. Franklin, their lovable golden retriever (and the Subaru Gear Dog Photo Contest winner), was the ring bearer.


Both Jacinda and Kevin have professional paths that relate to their mutual love of climbing. She is a geologist. Kevin is in management for a Denver start-up and owns a climbing gym on the side.


Both Browns drive Subaru Foresters. “We love that they are all-wheel drive, so they handle great in all weather conditions and terrain. They have plenty of room for our dog and all our gear. I also love the heated seats on those cold Colorado mornings,” Jacinda said.


With Franklin beside them, the couple stands firm in their resolve to always live life to the fullest. “We like to work hard, but we love to have fun,” Jacinda said.


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