July 18



The property I live on is a certified wildlife habitat, which reflects the fact that birds have ample food, water, shelter, and areas for nesting and rearing young.


At any given time from mid-spring until mid-summer, nests can be found by observing adult birds as they fly around gathering nest material and depositing it in their chosen locations. At last count, there were several active nests: four robin with hatchlings of various ages, three cardinal, two mourning dove, one oriole, and four grackle. The sparrows, finches, and chickadees are still in the process of site selection and nest building.


This year we have a family of woodchucks by the wood pile, the usual chipmunks and squirrels, and four rambunctious raccoons that visit the front deck. With all this activity within the yard, you would think by now I would have learned always to go outside with a camera – not the case.



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