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For Subaru Vehicles Equipped with EyeSight


To have the front windshield replaced or repaired, contact a Subaru retailer. Do not install a front windshield other than a genuine Subaru front windshield. EyeSight’s stereo cameras may not be able to detect objects accurately with a non-Subaru windshield, and the EyeSight system may not operate properly.


Also, when cleaning around the EyeSight cameras, do not touch or try to clean the lenses inside the vehicle. Extra caution should be used when cleaning the inside of the windshield. Overspray from cleaners may impair or even damage the cameras’ lenses.




help us celebrate the miles


Subaru owners aren’t ones to let the world pass them idly by. They’re out on the road, covering miles and creating memories. In celebration of this, we’re adding up all those miles on a special page called “Love Every Mile,” and you are invited to participate. Just take a picture of your odometer and submit it at, or tweet it with #LoveEveryMile. Whether you have 300 miles or 300,000, every mile counts.




Badge of Ownership


Just a reminder – these badges are fun and FREE!


Between the badge showing the number of Subaru vehicles that you’ve owned and the icons showing your interests, they help display your personality, passions, and history.


Order yours at:

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