Looking Toward the Future


More than 44,000 USO volunteers donate more than 370,000 hours of service annually, but the needs of the enlisted and their families keep growing. To aid the organization’s ever-expanding services, Subaru welcomed the USO as a donation partner in the 2012 “Share the Love” event, where for every vehicle sold, Subaru of America, Inc. donated $250 to one of five charities.


Funds raised from “Share the Love” also will assist USO centers across the U.S. in getting the word out about their initiatives at the local level, and help reach more potential volunteers.


Another integral part of this campaign: forging long-term relationships with local Subaru dealerships. It’s a partnership of passion, with groundbreaking potential – and one that both the USO and Subaru hope to continue until, as the USO mission states, “every one comes home.”


Learn more about the Subaru “Share the Love” event and the USO.




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