At Home on the Beach


by Michael Fetner, Gainesville, FL


The day required a four-wheel-drive vehicle to drive on the beach, room in the trunk for two large dogs, comfortable passenger seat for my fiancée, and a roof rack to hold our surfboard. Luckily, my 2009 Outback XT could handle all of those things.


We drove up and down the beach, avoiding small rain showers. We finally found this spot and let the dogs out. My Subaru looked perfectly at home.




Love That Art


by Vincent Black, Whitehall, MI


I did this painting in my ninth-grade art class. The name of our project was “Paint Your Favorite Logo.” The first thing that came to mind was Subaru. My parents have owned Subaru vehicles, and I want my first car to be a Baja!


My dream job: to work for the design department at Subaru. So if you are the executive director of the design department, please save me a spot.



Getting Traction on a Dream


by Jeff Smith, Medford, OR



For years, my wife and I have wanted to hike to the abandoned Abbot Butte lookout tower in southern Oregon. Because of its remote location, we couldn’t wrap the drive into a justifiable trip. Every time the answer was the same, “It takes too much gas” to drive the V-8 SUV.


We decided to christen our new Subaru with one of our long-dreamed-of hikes. Even though the ground clearance is low, our 2012 Impreza 5-Door delivered us to a new trail that requires good traction. I would have driven much faster if my wife weren’t so easily scared by loose surfaces, but I could appreciate the excellent cornering manners Symmetrical AWD delivers.


As you can see, the logging road in is dusty and covered with gravel, but, “This is why I wanted a Subaru.” We had a great day and averaged 36 mpg ... almost triple what I used to get.


I love this car!



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