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by Michael Hirt, Laguna Niguel, CA


The love affair started in October 2001 when we got our first Subaru Outback L.L.Bean® Edition. Now, more than 10 years later, that car keeps going with 160,000 miles and many, many more to come. Over those years that Outback went from car to loyal and devoted friend. After all we have been through together, we cannot even think about parting with that car.


That was the start. Since then, we have added the 2009 WRX STI for fun and the 2011 Outback to help share the load. What more can you say about cars that start every time, get you to where you need to be no matter what the conditions are, and are fun to drive? That is what Subaru vehicles are and why we have a garage full of them.


Thank you, Subaru!


Vaulting with a Best Friend


by Paul Litchfield, Auburn, CA



I am a professional pole-vaulter, currently ranked 11th in the United States.


Without my 1994 Subaru Legacy, the past eight years of my postcollegiate athletic career would have been near impossible. Airline travel is difficult with a 17-foot-long bag full of vaulting poles, so I avoid it as often as possible. I need a vehicle that is fuel efficient, reliable, can handle any road condition, and will go anywhere.


With 279,000+ miles on the original engine and transmission, my Legacy runs as well as it did 200,000 miles ago. Its passengers have included national champions of various countries, American record holders, and even Olympians.


I compete 11 months a year all over the United States, so I see every kind of weather condition. One of my favorite things is passing by large 4 x 4 trucks with ease and confidence on the highway during heavy snowstorms.


This year I decided to build my own pole-vaulting facility at home. The heavy rainfall made the selected location into a mud pit. After getting my dad’s one-ton truck stuck several times – and pulling it out of the mud with my Subaru each time – I started hauling bags of cement, materials, tools, and even massive pole-vault landing mats up and down the muddy hills with ease. Without the hard work of the Legacy, the project would not have been completed in time for my Olympic Trials preparation.


I will always own a Subaru, and my 1994 Legacy is one of my best friends.


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